Scott A. Frazer, P.E., ARM

Sr. Fire Protection Engineer

Mr. Frazer earned bachelor’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering and International Affairs from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  He is a licensed professional engineer in Tennessee. Scott has more than 20 years’ experience in fire protection engineering, including life safety, fire safety, performance based designs, equivalencies, fire hazards analysis (FHA), premises security and liability.  Mr. Frazer also holds the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) designation.

Scott has managed multiple performance-based designs for PDT, providing PDT’s clients with permit and plan approval for buildings and/or building components that did not meet the prescriptive code requirements.  He has served on the NFPA 72 “National Fire Alarm Code” technical committee for signaling devices.

Scott’s areas of specialization include:  NFPA Code Analysis, Building and Code Analysis, Fire Suppression Design and Hydraulic Calculation, Life Safety Analysis and Surveys, Furnace and Oven Compliance, Performance Based Designs, Risk Management Analysis, HPR and Loss Control Surveys, Combustible Dust Compliance, Fire Hazards Analysis/FHAs, Glovebox Fire Protection, Industrial Fire Protection and Premises Security and Internal Theft Analysis.

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